Cembra pine

Cembra pine

Cembra pine

Wood species / Trade name:

Cembra pine, Swiss pine


  • German: Zirbelkiefer
  • French: Pin cembre, Alvies
  • Chinese: 瑞士五针松

Botanical name:

Pinus cembra

Character / Color:

The Cembra pine provides the classic wood for romantic country furniture and interior decor in the alpine region. Closely spaced annual rings give the wood a plain texture. The dark late growth produces delicate figures on the tangential surface and light stripes on the radial surface. Striking accents are provided by small to medium dark brown knots grouped in grid patterns. This is the design closely associated with country decor. Sapwood is yellowish white while the heartwood is yellowish brown to light reddish brown.

Main occurence:



Furniture, Interior woodwork





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