Hearted beech

Hearted beech

Hearted beech

Wood species / Trade name:

Hearted beech


  • German: Kernbuche
  • French: Hêtre à coeur rouge
  • Chinese: 带芯榉木

Botanical name:

Fagus sylvatica L.

Character / Color:

Hearted beech is obtained from the heartwood of beech trees, most of which are more than 80 years old. The irregular shape and color intensity of this red core give the veneer figure a temperamental character. This character is impressively underscored by several rays, which appear on the tangential plane as several millimeter-high reddish spindles ("streaks“) and on the radial as similarly high and extensive rift or comb grain patterns. Very few trees are suitable for the production of veneer.

Main occurence:



Musical instruments, Furniture





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