American Walnut crotch

American Walnut crotch

American Walnut crotch

Wood species / Trade name:

American Walnut crotch, Walnut crotch


  • German: Amerikanischer Nussbaum Pyramide
  • French: Ronce de Noyer Américain
  • Chinese: 美洲黑胡桃树杈

Botanical name:

Juglans nigra

Character / Color:

This veneer figure contains a strikingly decorative crotch pattern. Its characteristic appearance is created by overlapping fiber swirls in curls and crotches. Intense gray to chocolate brown tones and interesting light refractions on the surface emphasize the wood's dominant qualities. Fountain-like figures give the already elegant veneer of the walnut an artistic touch.

Main occurence:

North America


Interior woodwork, Musical instruments





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