Bog oak

Bog oak

Bog oak

Wood species / Trade name:

Bog oak


  • German: Mooreiche
  • French: Chêne des Marais, Chêne fossile
  • Chinese: 沼泽橡木

Botanical name:

Quercus spp.

Character / Color:

The term "bog oak" stands for fossilized common or sessile oak which has lain in a bog for hundreds or thousands of years. When the wood's tannic acid reacts with the gasses of the bog, the wood becomes discolored. Recovered trunks reveal their inner treasures especially when they are made into veneer. During this process the bog oak shows its blue or greenish blue to deep black tones. The decorative large-pored wood has a striped or grainy form and, especially on the radial plane, strikingly broad wood rays.

Main occurence:



Furniture, Interior woodwork





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