Cedar Lebanon

Cedar Lebanon

Cedar Lebanon

Wood species / Trade name:

Cedar Lebanon, Lebanon Cedar


  • German: Zeder Libanon
  • French: Cèdre du Liban
  • Chinese: 黎巴嫩松木

Botanical name:

Cedrus ssp.

Character / Color:

The name cedar immediately calls to mind the aromatic scent that comes from this wood. The reddish brown cedar has a naturally shiny surface with very fine grain. The narrow late wood zones give the radial wood texture a pronounced feathery, striated grain. This results in a veneer with a quiet and inviting radiance. Throughout the world many different types of wood are sold under the name "cedar". The slow-growing cedar of Lebanon, at more than 3000 years old, is one of the world's oldest trees.

Main occurence:

Africa, Asia







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