CoCo Taupe

CoCo Taupe

CoCo Taupe

Wood species / Trade name:

CoCo Taupe , European Oak, Type CoCo Taupe


  • German: CoCo Taupe
  • French: CoCo Taupe
  • Chinese: CoCo Taupe

Botanical name:

Quercus petraea

Character / Color:

The special color of CoCo results from a manufacturing technique that’s similar to the natural process that creates bog oaks. Our process accelerates the veneer’s natural change of color and stains the wood completely. Unlike smoked oak, CoCo can be produced in light and medium shades of brown.

Coco veneers can be combined with color and other materials to yield impressive designs. The warm coloring suggests tranquility and underscores the naturalness of the raw material wood. Coco can be used in many different ways and can be combined with bright colors or with plain white or grey. You may order CoCo as raw veneer or processed, for example, into spliced veneers with or without fleece backing.

Main occurence:



Furniture, Interior woodwork, Doors





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