European sycamore cluster

European sycamore cluster

European sycamore cluster

Wood species / Trade name:

European sycamore cluster, Sycamore cluster


  • German: Europäischer Rosenahorn
  • French: Rareté de Sycomore
  • Chinese: 欧枫团聚榴

Botanical name:

Acer pseudoplatanus L.

Character / Color:

The sycamore is not a separate species of wood but rather a variety of the European maple which is especially prized for its decorative radiance. The grain of this light-colored wood is characterized by groups of scattered bud-like burls with brown cores. Faintly marked growth rings produce tangential decorative quilted figures and soft radial stripes. The tones in the wood go from almost white to light yellow and shimmer with a silky glow.

Main occurence:



Musical instruments, Interior woodwork, Furniture





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