White Ebony

White Ebony

White Ebony

Wood species / Trade name:

White Ebony, Persimmon


  • German: Makasser weiß

Botanical name:

Diospyros virginiana L.

Character / Color:

Under favourable conditions Persimmon trees are up to 30m high and up to 0.6m in diameter, but usually smaller in size. Shank mostly knotless up to 20m. Sapwood and heartwood are easily distinguishable. The sapwood is yellowish-white when fresh. Colour tends to darken with age. Very thin heartwood, which has a dark brown, with older trunks almost black color, similar to ebony. The veneer of the white Makassar has a particularly decorative character.

Main occurence:

North America, Asia, Africa


Interior woodwork, Musical instruments, Furniture, Shipbuilding, Airplane interiors





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