Wood: individual and unique



Nature’s broad spectrum of diversity is reflected in our highly varied product offerings.

Nearly 200 species of wood are suitable for the manufacture of high-quality veneers. We keep approximately five million square meters of veneer in stock in our warehouse. The product range includes conventional species in large quantities to rarities and valuable burl veneers, greatly varied FSC® and PEFC certified veneers and high-quality lumber from Europe, America and Africa.

Whether you would like to outfit a complex office building or veneer a single table, we have just the right wood for your project.

Every tree is a unique natural product. Veneer is the only surface material that offers this distinctive feature.

A tree’s growth markings – figuring, delicate coloring or natural inclusions – are unique. No two trees  are the same; each has its own story and its own face. Consequently, every veneer is a naturally grown object unlike any other.

The individual characteristics of some flitches are less pronounced while others are very striking. We offer the most unusual specimens in our exclusive collection One-of-a-Kind. Here you will find veneers with character, natural charm and extravagant looks. One-of-a-Kind veneer is a highlight for high-quality projects that cater to sophisticated tastes.




Veneer perfectly conveys the elegance of wood and turns it into a highly versatile material.

Our experts decide on the type of veneer production based on the wood species and each tree’s growth. In selected factories, which we monitor carefully, we have the flitches sliced or peeled.

The work creates a harmonious veneer figure that shows the flitch’s individual beauty to advantage. In the process the valuable raw material wood is exploited to the full, for just a single log yields several hundred square meters of veneer.

A natural wood surface brings warmth and an aura of exclusivity into our living and working space.

People have lived with veneer for centuries. Our fascination with the natural surface material is uninterrupted. Architects, designers and processors appreciate above all the beauty and versatility of the thin wood surfaces. Veneer can be combined beautifully with other materials.

Precious veneers from Schorn & Groh are found in exclusive automobiles, yachts and aircraft. Our rarities enhance furniture, hotel lobbies and offices around the world.