A view into the manufactory of visionary veneer lamps

Luminous real wood veneer combined with intelligent technology. What a great idea! Behind the young company WOODEN stands the designer and founder Genrih Missal. He has designed the multifaceted luminaire collection: Warm light through translucent veneer for private rooms, offices, clubs and public buildings. A small team produces the lights by hand in a manufactory in Bremen in northern Germany. Many of the high-quality veneers come from the southern German veneer specialist Schorn & Groh, for example satin walnut, ash and oak. Lamps "Made in Germany".

The special laminating process is the highlight: The thinly sanded wood is permanently protected behind a glass front from weather influences and the high temperature fluctuations of a luminaire. This process ensures that the veneer does not break or crack. A problem that used to occur with backlit veneer.

The lighting technology is also very special. WOODEN uses very high-quality LED components and special thermal management. This ensures the lamps a remarkable service life of approx. 50,000 hours. The LED technology is also compatible with Smart Home. All lamps are therefore also intelligent room accessories that can be easily controlled with an app. The light colour can also be continuously adjusted and dimmed. The wide spectrum of over 16 million colours leaves nothing to be desired.

One of the first to marvel at the special light was the little niece of inventor Genrih Missal: a few years ago he saw the first prototype of a veneer lamp with real wood, at that time still manufactured with fluorescent tubes. However, the high temperature fluctuations caused cracks and series production seemed impossible. Genrih Missal was enthusiastic about the idea and spent months working on a solution. He invented the laminating process; integrated high-quality LED technology and developed the first small pilot series. The veneer experts from Schorn & Groh support him in his development by showing him which veneers are best suited for veneer lamps. Missal proudly presented the zero series to his sister, who was enthusiastic and set up a luminaire directly in her living room. The following week she reported that her baby calmed down and relaxed every time she turned on the light of the veneer lamp.

This effect was tested at an elite university by psychology students. The result was clear: the lamps not only look fascinating, but also produce a stress relieving light that has a beneficial effect on the general state of mind due to its warmth. The new veneer lamps are 2 | Seitea real ray of hope in the world of veneers and lamps. Bravo! The lamps can be easily ordered online via the shop: https://www.wooden-germany.com/de/shop/