Our trends in 2019

Among the trends are the extraordinary Briccole Oak as well as the special collections Sunblast and Venezia with their beautiful vintage look, and the latest product line from Schorn & Groh - muto GRID.

Briccole Oak - Unique pieces from the historical piles of Venice

In the Venetian lagoon, 10 to 15 m long wooden piles have been driven into the ground for centuries and remain in the water for 5 to 10 years. These are used to mark waterways, clarify shallows and canals and serve as anchorages. The Briccole Oak gets its fascinating appearance due to corrosion and microorganisms (shipworm) that nestle in the wood and leave unique twists.

At Schorn & Groh you will find both veneers and sawn timber from this great material.
Briccole Oak - a piece of history from the depths of Venice.

Shining Grey Sunblast

Shining Grey Sunblast in the trend colour Ice, a light shimmering grey, shows a natural vintage look. The wood colouring grey can be caused by weathering in nature. Shining Grey imitates the aging process of wood with an innovative and novel process. As with the natural process, the accelerated process is also gentle and environmentally friendly.

Sunblast is reminiscent of trunks that have been faded by the sunlight of hot summer days. The unique appearance is created by assembling the veneers as a board character.

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CoCo Venezia

CoCo Venezia captures the Venetian atmosphere for you. Behind CoCo Venezia is the history of Venice: the veneers show a picture like the beams on which Venice has been carried underground for centuries. The different discolourations of the wood as well as knots and cracks characterise the rustic and warm look of CoCo Venezia.

The special colouring of CoCo results from a natural process, which is oriented towards the formation of the bog oak. The veneer is naturally colored and completely dyed in only a short time. In contrast to smoked oak, light and medium brown tones are also possible.

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muto GRID - a new dimension in design!

The plaited patterns are fascinatingly three-dimensional, which you can not only see, but also feel. This extraordinary product is made from individual, pre-sanded veneer sheets. In close cooperation with architects and designers, Schorn & Groh has developed five captivating designs.

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Design: light twist
Design: dark slope
Design: light slope
Design: light slope
Design: grey horizon