Let there be light!

Captivating lamps of high-quality veneer

Captivating lamps
Captivating lamps
Captivating lamps

The name "raum12" stands for fascinating lamps created by Tobias Hoffmann and Christian Leitschuh of Augsburg. Their creations are true works of art that beautifully combine light and wood. They call attention to themselves, exerting an almost bewitching effect on the beholder. The lamps are made by hand with fine veneers from Schorn & Groh.

Every raum12 lamp features a tubular shade of veneer illuminated from within by an energy-saving LED light source. No lamp is the same as the next because every piece of veneer is unique. The marks of natural growth show up as waves, whirls, lines and circles, small knotholes and natural inclusions. Some grains bring to mind landscapes or the ocean while others only hint at patterns or shapes.    

The light from inside the lamp enhances the beauty of the veneer and turns it into a natural work of art that captures attention and bestows a very special effect that is warmly illuminating, alluringly lovely, enchanting, both thrilling and calming at the same time.  

Before production can begin on a raum12 lamp, the two craftsmen carefully choose their materials. In the Schorn & Groh warehouse they look for especially interesting, vivid, multi-faceted examples of genuine wood veneer.  The lamp makers can choose from among 8 million square meters of veneer and some 130 species of wood from around the world, including a vast selection of figured veneers and exceptional rarities. Right now the following wood species are used in the production of raum12 lamps: olive ash burl, birch burl and appled birch, poplar burl, birdseye maple, plane, vavone burl, ash and elm burl. The criteria for the veneer selection – beyond the beauty of the grain – are the translucency of the wood and the size of the veneer leaves.  

Schorn & Groh sands each veneer leaf to a thickness of 0.4 mm and applies fleece backing. The veneer known as "fleece´n´flex" is particularly easy to work with because it is exceedingly flexible. A final sanding with fine-grained paper and treatment with natural linseed oil complete the tube of precious veneer. The LED illuminant, specially tailored to the product, provides uniform illumination that with the help of a dimmer can create an exciting or relaxing atmosphere. raum12 veneer lamps are available in floor or pendant models.