Innovative Use of Veneer

at Dubai Airport

Walnut veneer has made a spectacular entrance in the expansion of Dubai International Airport. It adds an elegant note to the interior facade elements of the new airport hotel.

In order to comply with the strict specifications for fire protection and structural integrity, construction components were specially developed – with PUREline genuine wood surfaces.

An important part of the airport, the "envelope" for the airport hotel, was built under the terminal roof in the shape of a giant tube with an elliptical cross-section.  

The architects' task was to cover the surface of the entire construction with American walnut.

In collaboration with Research & Development, various universities and testing institutions, Lindner Objektdesign of the Lindner Group worked out an innovative and convincing concept that fulfilled all the requirements:  PUREline – metal construction components refined by the addition of genuine wood. 

This approach also takes care of the required structural integrity for imposed load (like strong winds) through the use of plaster elements and regular maintenance.  Schorn & Groh of Karlsruhe provided a considerable portion of the high quality walnut veneer used in the manufacture of the 420 facade arches

Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport