Veneer combined with Pur Loft® ̶ a dream duo for the bathroom

"I can assign a perfect veneer to every customer", says Sarah Maier about her extraordinary veneer selections for "normal" rooms. "Beautiful washing" is how architect and designer Sarah Maier from Stuttgart calls her bathroom furniture creation with Australian fine veneer and a practical German surface, which she created for an Art Nouveau apartment in Stuttgart. Sarah Maier Handgwerke GmbH built an ensemble that includes a washbasin with top basin and a mirror cabinet. This is complemented by a jointless surface called Pur Loft®.

Veneer and Pur Loft® - materials that complement each other perfectly: The washbasin's eye-catcher is the enchanting Blackhearted Sassafras veneer, which takes up the game with the water with its slight wave movement. The aubergine-coloured Pur Loft® surface is the perfect partner for the bright wood.

Blackhearted Sassafras is a very rare veneer and comes from Tasmania, Australia's wildest and largest island. The evergreen sassafras tree loves the cool rainforests of the deep south and grows up to 25 meters high. Only a few logs carry the spectacular "black heart" that is created by a fungus. The dynamic stripes of the "Blackheart" vary from light brown, purple and green to deep black. No two logs are alike - this applies to all real wood veneers, but especially to Blackhearted Sassafras.

Sarah Maier's vanity unit has the spirited veneer wrapped around the washbasin with mitre joints, even the shadow gap is of the same veneer pattern. She used Tasmanian veneer in combination with the waterproof and jointless surface, the "Pur Loft®" of the painter Hoffmann GmbH. Pur Loft®" surfaces consist of traditional lime, marble and fine plasters, hard-wearing composite surfaces or cementitious levelling compounds. Thousands of colours and variations are possible. The hard-wearing and calm surface harmonizes perfectly with the individual character of extraordinary veneers. A clever and long-lasting combination that doesn't require any compromises in the bathroom.

The high-quality Sassafras veneer came from the Schorn & Groh veneer warehouse in Karlsruhe.

Photo credit: Sarah Maier Handgewerke GmbH
Photo credit: Sarah Maier Handgewerke GmbH