Fleece'n'flex PLUS

Fleece-filled veneer with a strong HPL backing

fleece’n’flex with HPL combines the natural beauty of genuine hand selected natural wood veneers with the superior durability and handling of a high-pressure laminate. We bond our jointed leaves of veneer against resin impregnated papers under extreme pressure and temperature to create a semi-rigid
1.00 mm thick sheet.

fleece’n’flex with HPL has a fine sanded surface and can be stained and polished to the required colour and finish. It is therefore useful in all applications where colour matching is required. These laminates are used for interior decorative surfaces and furniture applications such as wall and ceiling panels, hotel, shop and restaurant furniture. Panels bonded with our laminate can be cut, edged and drilled using the same tools as for ordinary HPL.

fleece'n'flex with HPL is available in the following standard species:

  • European Oak quarter cut
  • American Oak, crown cut 
  • Ash, crown cut 
  • Beech steamed, crown cut
  • American Maple, crown cut
  • American Walnut, crown cut


Our standard stock size is 2,500 x 1,220 mm and 3,050 x 1,220 mm is available on request. Thickness is 1.00 mm nominal. Minimum order quantity is 100 m².

Other species are available for special order, please have a look at our veneer gallery where you can find an overview of more than 140 species, which we have on stock. 

Veneer, fleece and HPL