Fleece'n'flex PLUS

Fleece-filled veneer with textured surface – that special PLUS – in many attractive variants.

Structure: barked
Structure: barked
Structure: shingle
Structure: shingle

We offer fleece-backed veneers with different textures and in more than 140 species of wood, including PEFC and FSC® certified veneers, precious burl veneers and other rarities.

The textured veneer is made of two layers of veneer. The face side is precious veneer of your choice and the back is beech veneer with a smooth surface. Fleece between the layers adds strength and suppleness. The texture, which you can see and feel, is pressed into the fine veneer surface under high pressure and temperature.

Available as pre-sanded, fleece’n’flex PLUS with textured surface can be processed using standard industry presses. The standard size is 2440 x 1220 mm, the thickness is about 1.2 mm. Variations in coloring and texture are normal for this high quality natural product.

Structure: brushed
Structure: brushed

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