NUO. Real wood as soft as leather.

An evolution in the world of materials

NUO is as soft as leather and as soft as fabric - made of real wood, vegan and sustainable. Hold NUO in your hand and you will immediately be amazed by the pleasant feel and beauty of the material. It is surprisingly light and looks very luxurious, can be bent in all directions and is very soft. NUO is a joint brand with the Italian company MyMantra SRL (product inventor).

The patented "soft wood" already dresses first shoes, handbags and accessories, and launches now world-wide on the market. The product is particularly suitable for high-quality interior fittings, such as wall and ceiling claddings with an acoustic effect and/or in unusual shapes. Use in the automotive industry is also conceivable.

NUO consists of high-quality veneer, which comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. The thin real wood is bonded with an environmentally friendly backing material (cotton), then the wood surface is lasered. The fine texture gives the wood surface its flexibility. The backing material provides strength and ensures that NUO is easy to process. If desired, the material can be coated with a protective layer of wax or lacquer. This protective layer makes NUO resistant to dust and moisture (depending on the surface treatment used).

Depending on the application, NUO can be equipped with various backing materials: e.g. cotton or moleskin (softer cotton variant). In addition, a second layer of fabric can be useful. This allows holes created by the laser to be completely closed again - which is advantageous for possible bonding with various carrier materials - but the material becomes slightly more rigid again. It is important to note that, depending on the industry and the area of application, a different processing of the material is necessary (different versions in engraving, reverse side material, thickness due to sanding process and reverse side material).

Enquire now and let us know the details of your project, we will be happy to find the right solution for you.

NUO engravings

There are four different engravings to choose from, ranging in size from 1.5 mm to a maximum of 4 mm. Oak is available in three engravings.

Engraving T4 (Fig. in Walnut).
The engraving on oak is slightly bigger, therefore the engraving on oak is called T4M.
Engraving TX (Fig. in Oak).
The engraving on oak is slightly bigger, therefore the engraving on oak is called TXM.
Engraving T1S (Fig. in Walnut).
Not available in the wood species oak
Engraving T1L (Fig. in Oak).

NUO wood species


Fig. in engraving TX


Fig. in engraving TX


Fig. in engraving TXM (slightly bigger than engraving

Walnut Fineline

Fig. in engravings T4, T1L, T1S (from bottom to top)

Standard sizes

  • 620 x 620 mm
  • 1250 x 1240 mm (net size)
  • 2500 x 1240 mm (net size)

Significantly larger formats can also be produced on request, up to a length of 2800 mm and a width of 1240 mm.

NUO - Wood like leather, Cherry
NUO - Wood like leather; Ash
NUO - Wood like leather; Oak