Special cuts

Special cuts, Rift cut, solid wood

Special cuts:

  • Heart split boards
  • Quarter-cut / Half quarter-cut
  • True quarter-cut slicing


  • Sidewood / Planed timber
  • Customized planed laths
  • Beams in various thicknesses
  • Decking boards (quarter-cut)

constantly available Wood Species quarter cut goods (partially trimmed)

  • European Oak
  • Smoked Oak
  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Spruce quarter cut
  • Plane

Massive expertise

Whether heart-split boards with reduced tension, quarter-cut, half quarter-cut or true quarter-cut - our special cuts are as versatile as our semi-finished products: solid beams from the center of the trunk, edged lumber for further processing or customized planed laths. Especially in the wood species Oak we have about 20 qualities in stock.

We are experts in special cutting and grading, and we do everything in our power to meet our customers' requirements. Thereby, we have functional requirements for the lumber in mind as well as aesthetic aspects. For example, if veneer and lumber from one species of wood are to result in the same appearance within a construction project. We accompany our customer projects from the purchase of round timber to its installation by our partners in interior construction.

Whether heart cut boards with reduced tension, rift, half rift or true quarter - our special cuts are as versatile as our semi-finished products: solid beams from the log center, trimmed lumber for further processing or planed laths cut to size. We have around 20 qualities in stock in the oak species alone.

Depending on their subsequent use, the logs are either processed into real quartering or processed into slabs. We offer the logs in thicknesses of 22, 27, 32, 42, 52, 60, 65, 80 and 100 mm, air-dried or chamber-dried in our own drying plant.

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