Fleece-backed veneers conform to your ideas and special requirements.


fleece’n’flex veneers are highly flexible yet strong. They are suitable for covering multi-dimensional shapes and challenging substrate and for many other uses. We produce fleece’n’flex with all jointing techniques, including urea-type glue jointing and in customized sizes up to approximately 3.28 meters by 1.28 meters. Depending on the requirements, we select suitable adhesives and fleece. You can obtain our fleece-laminated veneers as well as the unique finished surfaces of our fleece'n'flex PLUS collection from a minimum order quantity of 100 m².

Fleece'n'flex PLUS

Fleece-backed veneers with a special PLUS

fleece'n'flex PLUS
fleece'n'flex PLUS

These options are available:



More about fleece'n'flex PLUS collection

Structured veneers
fleece'n'flex PLUS, structure barked
Backlit veneers
fleece'n'flex PLUS, extra thin sanded
Plaited veneers
muto GRID, design light slope
perforated veneers for acoutics
fleece'n'flex PLUS, perforated surface
Veneer, fleece and HPL
fleece'n'flex PLUS, with melamine surface
fleece'n'flex PLUS, with laquered surface
fleece'n'flex PLUS, with laquered surface

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