A selection of highly individual logs, full of character and natural charm.

The logs in the exclusive collection One-of-a-Kind are among the most spectacular objects Nature offers us. Each log has a very rare and highly individualized grain. All are truly uncut diamonds of fine wood. With high levels of creativity and know-how, we transform the raw material into high-quality veneer for our exclusive collection.

One-of-a-Kind Premium

Because the purchaser acquires the entire log, he owns a unique object that no one else has. There‘s just one of a kind in the world. A certificate attests to the exclusivity of your One-of-a-Kind Premium log.

One-of-a-Kind Select

The fascinating logs from One-of-a-Kind-Select are suitable for projects that require smaller amounts of material. Select veneers can be ordered in quantities starting from 100 square meters.

You can create your own designs with current One-of-a-Kind veneers on our veneer designer. See for yourself what interesting effects can be achieved by combining the veneers with color and using a variety of matching techniques. 

Axel Groh
Managing Director, Log purchase, Veneer sales

Telephone +49 721 96245-0

Rolf Loose-Leonhardt

Rolf Loose-Leonhardt
Managing Director, veneer purchase and sales

Telephone +49 721 96245-36