Alder maser

Alder maser

Alder maser

Wood species / Trade name:

Alder maser, Alder cluster


  • German: Erle Maser
  • French: Aulne
  • Chinese: 桤木团聚榴

Botanical name:

Alnus glutinosa

Character / Color:

This variety of alder has an especially decorative radiance. The grain of the lightly colored wood is determined by groups of scattered bud-like figures with brownish cores. The weakly marked annual rings create decorative figures on the tangential surface and delicate stripes on the radial plane. Pith flecks and wood ray bundles are also typical for this reddish white to reddish yellow or brown wood. Tangentially they create dark and narrow stripes and radially irregular flecks or bands and sometimes intergrown grain.

Main occurence:

Africa, Asia, Europe


Interior woodwork, Furniture