American black cherry cluster

American black cherry cluster

American black cherry cluster

Wood species / Trade name:

American black cherry cluster


  • German: Kirschbaum am. gepfeffert
  • French: Merisier Américain poivré
  • Chinese: 美洲黑樱桃团聚榴

Botanical name:

Prunus serotina

Character / Color:

The American black cherry provides an especially good wood for veneer which is darker than the cherry from Europe. Fine figures can be seen on the tangential surface and attractive stripes on the radial surface, where the fine pith rays appear as light and lustrous comb grain. Scattered burls with brown to black cores – the so-called pepper – contribute greatly to the characteristic look of the wood and give the wood its elegance.

Main occurence:

North America


Doors, Furniture, Interior woodwork