American maple

American maple

American maple

Wood species / Trade name:

American maple, Hard maple


  • German: Ahorn am.
  • French: Erable dur, Erable d'Amérique
  • Chinese: 美洲枫木

Botanical name:

Acer saccharum

Character / Color:

The sugar maple provides not only the popular maple syrup but also a very decorative, predominantly fine and diffuse-porous wood with a strikingly uniform grain. The wood texture is characterized by a fine tangential quilting and a light but clear radial late wood striation, which is enlivened by a very thin, sharply defined and dark late wood. The sapwood is yellowish white to almost white and gradually fades from a light reddish brown to a golden brown

Main occurence:

North America


Musical instruments, Interior woodwork, Furniture





Not all logs are certified as listed. If you are interested, please ask us for certified material.