American white oak

American white oak

American white oak

Wood species / Trade name:

American white oak


  • German: Eiche am.
  • French: Chêne Blanc Américain
  • Chinese: 美洲白橡

Botanical name:

Quercus alba

Character / Color:

Over the years many cultural groups have considered the oak a sacred tree and have valued it for its size, hardness and longevity. The American white oak has a darker and denser wood than the red oak, a medium coarse texture and an often irregular or cross-grain. On the longitudinal plane, pretty figures or stripes give the light yellow to medium and dark brown wood a decorative note. The large and wide wood rays underscore this decorative character with their vivid grain or spindles. 

Main occurence:

North America


Construction lumber, Furniture, Doors





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