Carolina Pine

Carolina Pine

Carolina Pine

Wood species / Trade name:

Carolina Pine, Yellow Pine, Red Pine


  • German: Carolina Pine
  • Chinese: Carolina Pine

Botanical name:

Pinus taeda

Character / Color:

Pine wood native to the south-east of the USA, which, due to its low age and rapid growth, often has large rings, little core wood or only sapwood. The diameter of the trees is usually 0.4 to 0.7m. The length of knotless trunks is approx. 10 to 18m. The sapwood has a yellowish white to pale brown colour, the width varies greatly according to the age of the tree, usually by 10 cm and wider. Core wood is yellowish brown to brown, matt glossy. There are no pores. In structure and colour, Carolina Pine can be similar to Oregon Pine (Douglas fir) or larch wood. The different colours of the annual rings give Carolina Pine her characteristic, decorative pattern, especially in the case of a flat structure.

Main occurence:

North America


Furniture, Construction lumber, Doors