Concalo Alves

Concalo Alves

Concalo Alves

Wood species / Trade name:

Concalo Alves, Gibatão, Aderno, Zebrawood, Tigerwood


  • German: Concalo Alves

Botanical name:

Astronium graveolens

Character / Color:

Gonçalo alves is particularly appreciated for its beautiful colour striping and good technological properties. It is one of the particularly hardwood species. Dense, very decorative wood, with dark stripes and a matt glossy surface. The sapwood has a yellowish to pinkish colour and is clearly separated from the red to chocolate brown heartwood. The pronounced appearance of the wood is caused by the typical, irregularly dark stripes of colour. The pores are fine to medium in size, scattered. Internationally, wood is currently not subject to any restrictions in trade.

Main occurence:

South America


Furniture, Interior woodwork, Construction lumber