Eiche eur. rough cut

Eiche eur. rough cut

Eiche eur. rough cut

Wood species / Trade name:

Eiche eur. rough cut


  • German: Eiche eur. rough cut

Botanical name:

Quercus petraea

Character / Color:

The oak has often been associated with the gods of thunder and lightning. The Celts and other northern peoples were particularly respectful of the oak for its size, hardness and longevity. The wood's decorative figure is characterized by ring-shaped arrays of early-wood vessels and sharply separated annual rings which produce striking figures or stripes on the longitudinal plane. Eye-catching elements which are typical of the oak include the large and broad wood rays that enliven the appearance with the addition of rift grain or spindles. Colors range from grayish yellow to light brown and dark yellowish brown.

Main occurence:



Doors, Construction lumber, Furniture, Interior woodwork