Eucalyptus Pommele

Eucalyptus Pommele

Eucalyptus Pommele

Wood species / Trade name:

Eucalyptus Pommele, Eucalyptus


  • German: Eukalyptus Pommele
  • French: Eucalyptus Pommele
  • Chinese: 尤加利

Botanical name:

Eucalyptus ssp.

Character / Color:

It's very rare to see a burl-like structure in eucalyptus. In contrast to true curl figure, the grain in this wood is created by the wavy course of the fibers and not by ingrown branch particles. As a result, the dark core of the burl is missing so that the observer sees a veneer with yellowish brown to light reddish brown colors which brings to mind a watercolor. The harmonious look of the veneer is dominated by several scattered "brush swabs".

Main occurence:

Asia, Australia, Europe, North America


Car interiors, Interior woodwork