European sycamore

European sycamore

European sycamore

Wood species / Trade name:

European sycamore, Sycamore


  • German: Ahorn eur.
  • Spanish: Sicomoro
  • French: Sycomore uni
  • Chinese: 欧洲枫木

Botanical name:

Acer pseudoplatanus L.

Character / Color:

Of the three types of sycamore indigenous to Europe – sycamore maple, European maple and common or field maple – the sycamore maple is the most commercially significant and one of the most valuable native broad-leaved trees. Its wood is almost white to light yellow and has a distinctively uniform structure. With a generally straight grain, the yellowish late wood shows up in a faintly straight quilted pattern or in stripes, which give the unusually light-hued wood an elegant appearance. The soft, silky radiance is discreetly accented by a delicate rift grain.

Main occurence:



Furniture, Interior woodwork, Musical instruments





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