Figured ash

Figured ash

Figured ash

Wood species / Trade name:

Figured ash, Figured white ash


  • German: Esche geriegelt
  • French: Frêne Blanc ondé
  • Chinese: 有影白栓

Botanical name:

Fraxinus excelsior L.

Character / Color:

The ring-porous and coarse-grained, lightly colored wood has a very expressive character. Its clearly separated annual rings show up in prominent grain patterns on the tangential surface and in stripes on the radial surface. More or less regularly placed and pronounced stripes across the grain give the matte finish of the wood an additional decorative note. Sapwood and heartwood are whitish to whitish yellow or whitish red.

Main occurence:

Asia, Europe


Interior woodwork, Furniture





Not all logs are certified as listed. If you are interested, please ask us for certified material.