Holm Oak

Holm Oak

Holm Oak

Wood species / Trade name:

Holm Oak, Holly Oak, Evergreen Oak


  • German: Steineiche

Botanical name:

Quercus ilex

Character / Color:

The holm oak is a non-frost-hardy wood species that occurs in the entire Mediterranean middle region and is one of the most important wood species there. The wood is dense, firm and durable. It is harder and denser than the wood of the native oak. The tree is also sometimes called evergreen oak, because it keeps its leaves all year round, whereby old leaves are only discarded after the new ones are formed. The annual rings are very well recognizable. The beautiful grain makes the veneer of the holm oak unique and exclusive and reminds with its overall appearance and the large flakes of the plane tree grain. The color ranges from dark brown to light brown, but can also show strong variations in the color. The darker inclusions in the veneer result in wonderful veneer images when the single veneer leaves are book-matched.

Main occurence:



Interior woodwork, Shipbuilding, Doors, Furniture