Louro faia

Louro faia

Louro faia

Wood species / Trade name:

Louro faia


  • German: Louro Faia
  • French: Louro faia
  • Chinese: 巴西珍珠

Botanical name:

Roupala brasiliensis

Character / Color:

Excitingly different, Louro faia has a unique texture that resembles the skin of a reptile. On the long surfaces, large wood rays create tightly spaced and sometimes large lentil to almond-shaped figures which strikingly stand out from the straight to wavy grain and fine vessel lines of the underlying wood texture. When light strikes the veneer, the brownish yellow to chestnut brown wood appears extraordinarily lively.

Main occurence:

South America


Car interiors, Interior woodwork, Furniture, Construction lumber





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