Red gum

Red gum

Red gum

Wood species / Trade name:

Red gum, Satin walnut


  • German: Satin Nussbaum
  • French: Noyer Satiné
  • Chinese: 红橡胶木 / 沙丁胡桃木

Botanical name:

Liquidambar styraciflua

Character / Color:

This wood, whose scent has a touch of vanilla, is distinguished by its irregular grain, fine and uniform texture and silky luster. This walnut-tree-like wood has faint but nevertheless solid burls on the tangential surface and similar stripes on the radial surface. Occasionally variegated patterns can be found. The creamy white sapwood with a reddish element and the lustrous rosé to reddish-brown and gray heartwood are processed separately.

Main occurence:

North America


Interior woodwork, Furniture





Not all logs are certified as listed. If you are interested, please ask us for certified material.