Rio rosewood

Rio rosewood

Rio rosewood

Wood species / Trade name:

Rio rosewood, Jacaranda


  • German: Palisander Rio
  • French: Palissandre Rio
  • Chinese: 巴西酸枝

Botanical name:

Dalbergia nigra

Character / Color:

The sweet almond-like scent of this species gives the wood its English name of "rosewood". Great variety can be seen in the colors and structure of rosewood veneer. The basic color, for example, goes from red to violet-brown to chocolate brown and black. Due to its diverse characteristics, the Rio rosewood is one of the most beautiful and most exclusive veneers in the world. Because this species is threatened by extinction, it is now protected. Old growth is available for sale only in exceptional cases.

Main occurence:

South America


Furniture, Interior woodwork, Musical instruments