Smoked Chestnut

Smoked Chestnut

Smoked Chestnut

Wood species / Trade name:

Smoked Chestnut


  • German: Kastanie geräuchert

Botanical name:

Castanea sativa

Character / Color:

Chestnut is a hardwood tree that grows up to 30m high and with a diameter of up to 1.50m. Originally this specie comes from Asia but was cultivated in Europe (Southern Germany, Southern France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland).
 the wood of the chestnut is similar in colour and structure to oak. It is a typical ring-porous wood.The sapwood and heartwood of the sweet chestnut are well separated in colour. The colour of the sapwood is from dirty white to yellow-white and gets darker after.
It is used in water and shipbuilding, solid and veneered furniture as well as construction timber for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Main occurence:

Europe, Asia


Interior woodwork, Furniture, Shipbuilding