Smoked Douglas fir

Smoked Douglas fir

Smoked Douglas fir

Wood species / Trade name:

Smoked Douglas fir, Smoked Oregon fir, Smoked Yellow fir, Smoked Red fir


  • German: Douglasie geräuchert
  • French: Pin d’Oregon fumé
  • Chinese: 熏制花旗松

Botanical name:

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Character / Color:

The expressive and rustic character of the straight-grained conifer comes from brown to dark red tones and the distinct contrast between early and late wood. In coarse-ringed wood, this contrast creates impressive tangential grain figures and vividly striped radial planes. The North American Douglas fir is usually more narrow-ringed than the European Douglas fir, which sometimes shows a strongly defined late growth area in its relatively broad annual rings.

The addition of ammonia discolors the wood and gives it a dark brown or even black hue. The color tone ultimately depends on the amount of tannic acid present in the wood. The darker shades of smoked Douglas fir are more stable to UV light than natural wood or thermowood.

Main occurence:

North America, Europe


Construction lumber, Interior woodwork