Smoked Eucalyptus

Smoked Eucalyptus

Smoked Eucalyptus

Wood species / Trade name:

Smoked Eucalyptus


  • German: Eukalyptus geräuchert

Botanical name:

Eucalyptus ssp.

Character / Color:

Eucalyptus is one of the most important plantation tree species. It grows 20 times faster than oak. The pores are medium to coarse in size, scattered and often obliquely arranged. The grain is straight or weakly alternating. Eucalyptus is very difficult to work with by hand, but can be sanded and polished well. Eucalyptus is good for smoking because it contains tannic acid. The acidity is contained in the wood, ammonia (salmiak) is used as the base. The reaction of the acid in the wood and the ammonia as a base results in a natural dark colouring in the wood.

Main occurence:

Africa, South America, Asia, Australia


Construction lumber, Interior woodwork, Furniture, Doors