Smoked Grisard

Smoked Grisard

Smoked Grisard

Wood species / Trade name:

Smoked Grisard, Graue Pappel


  • German: Grisard geraeuchert

Botanical name:

Populus canescens

Character / Color:

Also known as grey poplar, the Grisard tree can be found in southern parts of Europe, Asia, Argentina, North Africa, Iran and Kashmir. The core varies from reddish yellow to yellowish brown, while the sapwood is whitish. Grisard has a very homogeneous wood appearance, the annual rings are well recognizable. Use of the wood as sliced veneer and rotary cut veneer. Smoked Grisard is Grisard wood modified in colour. During "smoking", the wood is fumigated with ammonia or ammonia solution (ammonia water). This discolours it and gives it a brown to dark brown colour.

Main occurence:

Europe, Asia, North America, South America


Furniture, Doors, Interior woodwork