Smoked Larch rough cut

Smoked Larch rough cut

Smoked Larch rough cut

Wood species / Trade name:

Smoked Larch rough cut, Lärche geräuchert, Räucherlärche


  • German: Lärche geräuchert rough cut

Botanical name:

Larix decidua

Character / Color:

The appearance of this popular trim wood is determined by the striking alternation of early growth and dark late growth, which is sharply outlined on both sides. On the tangential plane, strikingly beautiful figures result, while the radial surface reveals strong and solid stripes with a decorative effect.  The pale reddish and yellowish brown to intense brick red color and the numerous, scattered black pencil-thin knots give the wood a warm, country look. Smoked larch is larch wood modified in colour. During "smoking" the wood is fumigated with ammonia or ammoniacal spirit (ammonia water). This discolours the wood and gives it a brown to dark brown colour.

Main occurence:



Shipbuilding, Doors, Furniture, Construction lumber