Weathered sycamore

Weathered sycamore

Weathered sycamore

Wood species / Trade name:

Weathered sycamore


  • German: Spitzahorn eur. gedämpft
  • French: Erable plane, Erable Blanc, Faux-Sycomore
  • Chinese: 蒸煮欧洲尖枫

Botanical name:

Acer platanoides

Character / Color:

The wood of the European maple is distinguished by an unusually homogenous structure. The annual rings are set off sharply from each other by dark narrow late growth rings, which, through vertical cuts, are revealed as soft wood grain patterning or decorative stripes. In combination with the satiny red grain revealed by radial cuts, they create an elegant effect in the light-colored wood. In its natural state, the European maple has a yellowish-gray color, but when steamed, it has a soft salmon tone which beautifully emphasizes its elegant aura.

Main occurence:

Asia, Europe


Musical instruments, Interior woodwork, Furniture





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