Yew tree

Yew tree

Yew tree

Wood species / Trade name:

Yew tree


  • German: Eibe
  • French: If
  • Chinese: 紫衫

Botanical name:

Taxus baccata L.

Character / Color:

According to German mythology, Uller, god of the hunt, made a bow from the wood of the yew tree. This wood, however, is not known for its high elasticity and toughness but for its very distinctive and decorative character. Its special radiance comes from the scattered figures with brown to black cores, also known as "pepper".  The more or less regularly distributed or banded figures give the wood an elegant note. Next to the thin yellowish-white sapwood, the heartwood appears golden to reddish brown and violet.

Main occurence:

Africa, Asia, Europe


Furniture, Interior woodwork