Spliced Veneers

Spliced veneers Made in Germany. More than 140 species of wood are available, including burl veneers and other rarities.

Schorn & Groh spliced veneers are made from high-quality raw veneer in our factory in Eschelbronn in southern Germany. We generally offer urea type glue veneer jointing, but can also fill orders for spliced veneers jointed with conventional adhesive techniques. If you like, we can deliver veneers pre-sanded. That saves you time with subsequent steps and gives you greater processing certainty.

Your benefits:

  • thorough and personal consultation
  • veneer specially selected for your project
  • high-quality processing
  • fast availability
  • on-time delivery
  • optional special delivery for rush orders



Jointing techniques

Book matched:
Leaves/sheets produced from a single trunk/log are placed side-by-side in mirror image (as in an open book).

Slip matching: 
Method of joining veneers in which consecutive veneer sheets are taken from the flitch and placed next to each other without turning them over or around.

Diamond matching:
Method often used for burl veneer to create highly decorative figures. Four consecutive veneer sheets are joined together to form a diamond shape in the center.

A mismatched veneer pattern is veneers that are randomly strung together. Here, the veneer sheets can differ in grain, grain pattern or even colour. Likewise veneers of different widths can be joined together in any order. All in all this creates the impression of a rustic solid wood surface.

Hearted Beech – bookmatched
Hearted Beech – bookmatched
Appled birch – slip matched
Appled birch – slip matched
Oliv ash burl – book & butt matched
Oliv ash burl – book & butt matched
Am. Walnut – mismatched

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